One of the hands-down and most important parts of selling via Amazon is your listing. Your listing is the tool that you need to use to convince the customer to buy your product. Over the next 7 minutes, we are going to walk you through the macro copywriting and the microelements that make a great listing that converts into sales.

First off, the macro view of how to write copy for your Amazon listing:

The core elements (for Amazon listing copy) are the same as if you’re writing an email campaign, a direct marketing campaign, or whatever other platforms you use, except for one thing… The customer searching in the search bar is already saying that they want to buy the ‘product idea’ that you are selling. Now maybe they have heard of your brand before, but for the most part, they only have knowledge of the product that you sell. Remember that. You don’t need to explain why they need to buy a computer, they are already convinced of that. You need to convince them of why they need to buy YOUR computer vs. the competition.

The main way to do this is by explaining the benefits that your product will bring to the customer. How will what you’re selling help them, make them feel good or contribute to whatever the purpose of the product is? If you can effectively convince them of the above you can sell them you’re amazing product and get them to join your tribe.

Now for the micro of writing an Amazon Listing – your listing will be split into three parts, Title, Bullet Points, Description (or Enhanced Brand Content if you’re brand registered)

Let’s start with the title:

Your title is the part of your Amazon listing that the customer first sees when they search. It also pulls the most weight when it comes to indexing your listing. So having your top keywords included is extremely important! For your title, you will have 200 characters to grab the customers attention and pull them into your listing. To most effectively do this you will want your title to include relevant information about your product, quantity, product benefits, and top search terms to help with indexation.

Here is an outline of one of our product titles:

[Product Name/Quantity]: Benefit 1 + Keywords, Benefit 2 + Keywords, Benefit 3 + Keywords [by Your Brand’s Name]

Depending on the length of the description of your benefits, you probably won’t be able to get everything into your title. Crafting a title is a perfect balance of attraction and indexation. To achieve this break everything down that you want to include and play with it until you are able to put it together.

Next up we have the Bullet Points:

For the bullet points, you have a total of 500 characters per line to sell the top benefits that your products bring. The way we set up our bullet points is one main ‘reason to buy’ per line with two-three supporting sentences selling that. We put the main benefit in brackets and also make them Uppercase

[MAIN BENEFIT]: Supporting selling points….

After the Bullet Points, you have the description or Enhance Brand Content (if your brand is brand registered.)


For the description, you have a total of 2000 characters to tell the story of your brand. The way we like to format is a BOLD headline that highlights a main benefit of your product. We follow that by 2-3 sentences that talk about that bold headline. We find that we can write 2-3 of these and finish the description with a call to action to purcashe.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC):

With EBC, Amazon allows you to create an immersive experience, taking text and photos to tell the story of your brand and the specific product that you sell.

To create an Enhanced Brand Content page you will want to focus on having great product, lifestyle, and brand images. Along with that, you want the design to flow and have the perfect balance of text and images.

We understand that this can be a lot to handle. There is a difference between existing on Amazon and being optimized to sell. That’s the reason why we started Next Level Amz. If you would like a free consultation about building your products and presence on Amazon, fill out the form below:

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