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Rob Schad started learning how to sell on Amazon when he was finishing up high school. Fast forward three years and he has built himself a 6 figure Amazon shop and consulted with multiple companies on growing their Amazon stores. He loves to travel, makes a great cup of coffee, and enjoys trying new foods!


Sarah Rice has been in the Amazon Marketing business for just over three years. With her experience of working with two multi-million dollar Amazon based companies, you could say she knows her stuff. She loves animals, business, and good food (in that order). Sarah is extremely passionate about her work and loves the challenges Amazon has to offer!



Become the Best in the Business - We do what we do because we love helping companies achieve their potential. Despite our expertise, we also love continuing to learn with you, our clients. Together we can become the best in the business.

Integrity - We take pride in our work. As much as we want your numbers to reflect who we are, we take our personal reputation of honesty and integrity much more seriously.

Passion - We love the trials and tribulations of business. The best feeling is teaching and helping others to reach their business goals. We get excited about our client's progress and seeing you reach your full potential!

Domination - Business is our greatest love. We love to see the process, the execution, and the goals we set for ourselves and our clients met. We want to see our clients win. Our competitive nature to see success is what drives us to be the best in the biz!

Have Fun - What's the purpose of all this if we don't have fun? Granted we take our work very seriously, getting to know our clients personally and having a great time both in and out of the office is crucial to a smooth working environment and good communication. We want our clients to feel and know that they have access to us at all ties of the day!