Our founders got started on Amazon by creating their own Amazon Private label businesses. Creating an Amazon business and then selling physical products on Amazon from start to finish is a process Rob and Sarah are all too familiar with and great at executing. 

We work with partner investors to build Amazon private label brands from start to finish. In this type of partnership, we communicate and collaborate with the investor to decide which brand idea would best suit an Amazon-based business. Creating a partnership is a long-lasting business venture, making sure we are all committed to growing the brand and building the business either for consistent growth or eventual exit is key. 


The Process

Creating a private label brand on Amazon has multiple steps and takes several months to implement before the product(s) are selling on Amazon. Below is a list of the steps taken with building a private label business. 


  1. Contract agreement and terms discussion
  2. Business creation 
  3. Product research and development
  4. Manufacturer research and connection
  5. Product sample ordering and product packaging design development, etc… 
  6. Amazon store set up (All research into product put in the back end of Amazon)
  7. Product ordering and listings creation
  8. Refinement of Amazon store, inventory to Amazon
  9. Sales begin...

This process is very extensive but very exciting! Whether the goal is to build a long-lasting brand or to build a business for a quick exit, we can help get you there! Having a long-lasting relationship is crucial for this process to work as that we will be involved in the business for the agreed-upon timeframe.  

If you or your agency is interested in working with us on product development, please contact us to get the conversation started to see if we would be a good fit for each other.